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Local history and heritage

This page gives an overview of monumental buildings and objects, of archeological remote sites and nature parks in Veldhoven.

Extensive post-bellum building activities have 'filled in' the open areas between the former parishes within the Veldhoven municipality. And most remarkably, a new center was formed altogether.   Needless to say that during this development not all was saved that we cherish today.

Fortunately, however, there is still plenty of heritage left.

A daytrip to the various cultural-historical sights in Veldhoven is worth your while.

Veldhoven as a whole has many metropolitan traits, yet it also has a distinct "Kempisch" character. There are several archeological monuments, many impressive buildings, objects and quaint places which disclose fragments of Veldhoven's history.

Draw up your own (day)trip

You can draw up your own (day)trip to cultural-historical sights in Veldhoven by using the town plan. We recommend cycling as the best way to discover old (and new) Veldhoven!


On or near each object of interest you will find a notice with relevant historical information.

VVV Veldhoven

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