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Veldhoven has plenty of free parking but the parking areas at City Centrum are paid parking; you buy a ticket from a meter and place the ticket on the left side of the dashboard. Coins are accepted in many meters but the newer ones use a system called “Dip ‘n Go”, payment with a bank debit card. Paid parking is until 6 P.M. Monday through Friday and on Saturday. For Friday or other shopping evenings, paid parking is until 9 P.M. Sundays are free parking.

 There is one parking garage, De Geer, at City Centrum. Opening hours underground parking Geer:

Monday through Thursday and Saturday: 08.00-19.00 h
Friday and other extra opening hours: 08.00-22.00 h
Shopping Sundays: 11.00-18.00 h


Blue parking zones are marked with a blue sign and the parking places are often marked with a blue line on the pavement, indicating that a blue parking disk is required. This disk is sold at many stores and VVV Veldhoven and costs approximately 2.50 Euro, and will allow you to park in the blue zone for a maximum of two hours. Set the disk at your arrival time and place it on the dashboard.

 Other areas of Veldhoven require a parking permit; these are usually parking areas for residents who pay a monthly fee and the parking places, in E9 areas, are marked with signs for “Vergunninghouders”.

Fines are extremely high for parking illegally in an area reserved for invalids or owners of a residential permit.




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