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In the Netherlands education is compulsory for children aged 4 through 16 years old. Daycare is available for children under the age of 4, but must be paid for privately. The same applies for before (7:30-8:30 A.M.) and after-school care (2:15-6:30 P.M.), which is available until the age of 12.

 Education in the Netherlands consists of the following levels:

  • Pre-Primary Education (children aged 2½ yrs. to 4 years old)
  • Basisschool (Primary Education; Pre-K through 5th grade)
  • Middelbare School - VMBO, HAVO, VWO (Secondary Education; 6th grade through 12th, depending on level of education)
  • Tertiary Education:
  •             - Vocational Education (MBO and company schools)
  •             - University of Applied Sciences (HBO)
  •             - Research University (Universiteit)

 Veldhoven is home to a vast number of primary schools, an excellent secondary school which offers bilingual education for VWO and 3 special-needs schools (catering to children who have special needs such as ADHD, PDD-NOS, dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, or a chronical illness and who might need additional educational support to children with complex special needs). Please visit the website www.scholenopdekaart.nl to find schools near you.

 There are two kinds of basisscholen: openbare (non-denominational) and bijzondere (based on religion, personal views, educational philosophy). Progress is monitored by standard testing; CITO-toets. The school year runs in general from mid-August through the beginning of July and has several holidays. A school week is usually from 8:30-3 P.M. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and from 8:30-12:15 P.M. on Wednesday.

 The addition MFA to some of the school’s names indicates that the schools are destined as a multi-functional accommodation. In addition to primary education it might offer special-needs education, before / after school care programs, daycare facilities, healthcare offices or a community center, all in the same building.

 Many of the primary schools in Veldhoven operate under the concept of ‘Brede Scholen’. The concept aims to provide the best care possible for the child.  Within their extensive network of various services, these schools can provide tailor-made arrangements for children aged 0 - 12. Please visit the website www.bredeschoolveldhoven.nl/locaties.

Basisschool ‘De Heiacker’ teaches English starting at 1st grade level. And by the end of March 2016 a pilot will start at Basisschool ‘Het Slingertouw’ in Meerhoven to teach in English starting with groep 1 (pre-K) through groep 8 (5th grade).

The International School of Eindhoven (www.isecampus.nl) is nearby and the European school of Mol can be found just across the border in Belgium.

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