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Veldhoven is centrally located within the Eindhoven Brainport-district. This area is where many leading technology businesses, hi-tech manufacturers etc. have their offices. This district rates one of the highest in global top-technology and in 2011, it was declared the most intelligent region of the world.  Corporations such as ASML, HERE, Simac, IAI Industrial Solutions as well as Máxima Medisch Centrum (hospital) are leaders in their field. Tomorrow’s  products are being developed here today. Subsequently, they are manufactured and put on the international market. In Veldhoven we are proud to be a part of this process!

Other business areas such as De Run and Habraken offer excellent locations for (technical) companies.  Many expats have settled in Veldhoven and feel at home; all amenities nearby in a town-like ambiance.



VVV Veldhoven

Meiveld 2, 5501 KA Veldhoven T. (040) 253 29 01 info@vvv-veldhoven.nl