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Returning Events

Cult & Tumult

Each year the free cultural festival of Cult & Tumult is organized throughout Veldhoven. Please visit www.cultentumult.nl


No less than four times per year, the fair comes to Veldhoven. At d'Ekker in June, at Veldhoven-Dorp in July, at Zeelst in August and at Oerle in September.

Art Circle

This ‘Meet & Greet’ along art studios takes place in April. Dozens of Veldhoven artists welcome the public at their workplace. Inspiration and special encounters guaranteed! www.kunstinhetrondveldhoven.nl


On April 27th, National King’s Day, the Oranjemarkt in Veldhoven is the main event. Besides traditional street market, many other fun activities are organized. www.oranjemarktveldhoven.nl


Children spend the day discovering what adults do at work. www.roefeldagveldhoven.nl

Dutch Technology Week

Technology is not only fun and challenging but also represents new frontiers. This motto is manifested in various activities for students, technical staff, entrepreneurs and other interested parties. The Dutch Technology Week takes place in May at the Brainport premises. dutchtechnologyweek.com/nl

VVV Veldhoven

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