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't Geitenboerke

't Geitenboerke is a fairly new venture. It was established in 1999 and presently keeps approximately 600 milk goats. Most of these are so-called white milk goats. The animals are milked twice a day with a 48-stand carrousel.
The goat milk is processed by the Bettinehoeve in Etten-Leur. There, they make a wide variety of cheeses. These cheeses can also be purchased in 't Geitenboerke-shop.
It is possible to book a guided tour of the premises or to arrange a birthday party. In addition to the goat farm, 't Geitenboerke also accommodates a care community. This activity is realized in close co-operation with Novafarm care project.

Address: Toterfout 13, 5507 RD Oerle
Phone number: 040 2053110