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Geheimen van Veldhoven

“Pssst, I know a secret - don’t tell…”
Chances are your curiosity will be tickled when someone says this to you. After all, everybody would want to know just what that secret is!
This is the reaction that Stichting Geheimen van Veldhoven aims to achieve among Veldhoven’s inhabitants, but also among visitors. Being the smartest region (worldwide!), we choose to make use of the latest smartphone technology to inform you about both current and general. These facts will complement the history, narratives, environment and culture within our community.
Even if Veldhoven is not mentioned in history books or can pride itself on famous, local monuments, there are still plenty of secrets worth disclosing. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, associations and businesses, this project is bound to spark your curiosity. And it will be worth it, because Veldhoven is a place to be proud of.
We are convinced that everyone who joins this project will soon be passing on the message: “Pssst, I know a secret - don’t tell…”

Address: Hemelrijken 6, 5502 HM Veldhoven
Phone number: 040 2533160