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Fun for the Children

Children of all ages will be surprised as what Veldhoven has to offer. Plenty of activities to go round. Such as clambering and climbing trees at Klimrijk Brabant. Or endless fun at playground Kabouterdorp. What about a visit to the large, local petting zoo at Kinderboerderij Hazewinkel? And there are more fun activities for kids in Veldhoven. Ranging from going swimming to seeing a performance at the children's theater, from a visit to the music school or to the Zoo. For parties both Zoo Veldhoven, formerly known as "Papegaaienpark" and 't Geitenboerke offer special programs. Another idea is to follow a creative workshop; we refer you to De Kunstprakijk. And have you ever held a 'green' children's party? This is possible at Gasterij 't Dorpsgenot in Oerle, where the IVN is located. The IVN organizes animal track quests and workshops for making knick-knacks from twigs, leaves, acorns etc. Talk about original!

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't Zand restaurant & meer

Welkom bij 't Zand restaurant & meer, hét familierestaurant van Veldhoven en omstreken.

Geitenbeorke foto geitenkijkdagen SAM 0414

't Geitenboerke

't Geitenboerke is a fairly new venture. It was established in 1999 and presently keeps approximately 600 milk goats.

Zwembad Den Ekkerman foto IMAG0115

Zwembad Den Ekkerman

Physical activity is what we stand for; it is our passion.


More Fun for the Children

Boscafé Molenvelden. Banstraat 25, 5506 LA Veldhoven 040 2051662
Burggolf Gendersteyn Locht 140, 5504 RP Veldhoven 0900 28744653
De Hazewinkel De Twijnder 40, 5506 AP Veldhoven 040 2554250
Flying bowling V.O.F. Oortlaan 152, 5505 RH Veldhoven 040 2538836
Kabouterdorp Broekweg 105, 5502 BA Veldhoven 040 2542390
Klimrijk de Buitenjan Turfweg 9, 5504 RL Veldhoven 040 2556545
Philips visvijver Onze Lieve Vrouwedijk, Veldhoven
Speeltuin a.s.v. d'Ekker Klaverplein, Veldhoven 040 2539413
t Witven Witvenseweg 6, 5504 PZ Veldhoven 040 2300043
Theater De Schalm Meiveld 3, 5501 KA Veldhoven 040 2533578
Zoo Veldhoven Wintelresedijk 51, 5507 PP Veldhoven 040 7370385
Zwembad den Ekkerman Wal 152, 5501 HP Veldhoven 040 2535250

VVV Veldhoven

Meiveld 2, 5501 KA Veldhoven T. (040) 253 29 01 info@vvv-veldhoven.nl