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Art / Museums

Relatively many 'Veldhovenaren' perform one or another form of art. With regard to visual arts, several galleries can be found all over Veldhoven.

For more information about visual artists in Veldhoven please visit Kunstinveldhoven or the adresses below.


De Kunstpraktijk galerie/projectruimte

De Kunstpraktijk gallery/project facility: exhibitions of visual art, design and "funny things".


Museum 't Oude Slot

Contrary to its name, 't Oude Slot is not a castle but a former farm estate, which was built on the foundations of "Het...


More Art / Museums

De Kunstpraktijk Dorpstraat 6a, 5504 HH Veldhoven 040 2904782
De Verdieping Meiveld 1, 5501 KA Veldhoven 040 2533160
Galerie Hallo t.o. Haag 15, 5509 NJ Veldhoven
Galerie Hoogeind Hoogeind 24, 5507 PW Veldhoven 040 2953950
Museum 't Oude Slot Hemelrijken 6, 5502 HM Veldhoven 040 2533160
Vaaggrond 2013/2014 Kleine Vliet 1d, 5507 PX Veldhoven 040 2053747

VVV Veldhoven

Meiveld 2, 5501 KA Veldhoven T. (040) 253 29 01 info@vvv-veldhoven.nl