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The VVV booklets each feature 10 walking routes within the various Veldhoven neighborhoods. These hikes are 4 to 5 kilometers long. The routes can be combined, allowing for longer or shorter walks. All separate walks start at the neighborhood center. There you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea after your walk and or use the restroom. The addresses of the neighborhood centers are given in the booklets.

Would you prefer to walk with a group? The organized group hikes start on fixed days at fixed times, also from the neighborhood centers. Participation is free. For more information about these group hikes, please mail to: wandelenindewijk@veldhoven.nl.

Hiking routes

There are several hiking routes, ranging from 1.5 km to 15.5 km, in and around Veldhoven. Information and maps are available in the tourist information shop.

Download Walking Routes (to date only available in Dutch)

Toterfoutroute (15,5 km)

In this area, west of Veldhoven, you will see burial mounds which date back more than 3,000 years. The route can be shortened at several points. From a cultural-historical point, we recommend stopping in Zandoerle to enjoy the monumental village square. The route also passes several other quaint locations. Download route >>

Toterfout-Halfmijl (4 km)

The Toterfout-Halfmijl area is well known for its interesting landscape with a variety of coniferous and broad-leaved trees crisscrossed by wide sand paths. The burial mounds along the way prove that the area was already inhabited over 3,000 years ago. QR-codes on  guideposts will provide you with more information about that particular location. This route can also be downloaded as gpx- or kml-file. 

Download route >>(to date only available in Dutch)

Molenvelden (3 km)

Variety in natural beauty is key within this route: rows of fabulous beech trees, ancient burial mounds, a dried-up pond and abundant bird life. Woodpeckers have left their marks on many trees along the way. QR-codes on guideposts will provide you with more detailed information.

This route can also be downloaded as gpx- or kml-file

Download route >> (to date only available in Dutch)

Oerle Woodlands (1,5 tot 3,5 km)

This route is especially interesting because of the wood embankments along the way. These were originally meant as barriers to keep livestock and wild animals out of the fields. Nowadays they harbor many species of flora and fauna. Typical plants which grow lushly on the sandy grounds of the Kempen are tansy and St John’s wort. Download route >>(to date only available in Dutch)

Sprankelsche bossen (3,5 km)

The area known as “De Sprankel” has major archeological significance. In the 19th century, burial mounds were discovered here. In order to preserve these mounds, the terrain is kept free of trees and scrubs. The footpaths were laid out in such a manner as to protect the mounds. In previous times sheep used to graze the heather-lands nearby. When artificial fertilizer was invented around 1900, the heather lands were cleared to be used for agriculture. The heather which was not cleared became woodlands again. Download route >>(to date only available in Dutch)

Dommelbeemden (2,5 km en 7 km)

At the bridge near the Philips fishing ponds on the road from Waalre to Veldhoven, you will find wide lowland on both sides of the Dommel seen from the direction of Waalre.

Both hikes will lead you through the basin and along the banks of the Dommel.

These routes have been drafted by Natuurmonumenten, in co-operation with IVN Veldhoven/Vessem.

Download route >>(to date only available in Dutch)


Speellandschap De heiberg

Een unieke speel- en horecagelegenheid biedt jou en al jouw vriendjes uitdagend veel speelplezier.


Gasterij 't Dorpsgenot

Gasterij 't Dorpsgenot shares a building with the IVN and VVV at Visitor Center Toterfout.


VVV Veldhoven

Meiveld 2, 5501 KA Veldhoven T. (040) 253 29 01 info@vvv-veldhoven.nl