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Aerdmennekes Route (44 km)

 This route which runs west of Veldhoven, connects various spots related to centuries-old folk tales about pixies, ‘aerdmennekes’ in Brabant tongue. You will mostly pass open fields, but also through woodlands and a few small villages. The route can be shortened at several points.  Download route >>

Natural-historical Cycling Route (55 km)

This tour starts in Zandoerle, passes by Vessem to Knegsel, Heers, Vlasrootvennen, Broekhoven, Steensel, Schoot and back to Zandoerle. Download route >>(to date only available in Dutch)

Bio-diversity Route (30 km)

Discover the beautiful diversity in Nature around Veldhoven and Vessem. Download route >> (to date only available in Dutch)

Family Cycling Routes (25 km)

In these routes you will come across dirt roads which are accessible and passable by bicycle. However, extremely dry weather or use by off-road vehicles can transform such roads into difficult terrain. This tour is full of variety: Nature at its best, nice spots for a break, surprising green patches and fairly unknown paths. Download route >>(to date only available in Dutch)

Cultural Historical Sights in Veldhoven – cycling route

An amazing outing along Veldhoven’s points of interest. Veldhoven as a whole has several metropolitan traits, yet also preserves a distinct "Kempisch" character. Extensive post-bellum building activities have 'filled in' the open areas between the former parishes within the Veldhoven municipality. Quite remarkably, a new center was formed altogether.Needless to say that during this development not all was saved that we cherish today. Fortunately, however, there is still plenty of heritage left.

There are still many spots which disclose fragments of Veldhoven's long history. And cycling is truly the best way to discover old (and new) Veldhoven! Download route >> (to date only available in Dutch)

Intersection Maps

No set-up stretches here; with these maps you can determine the route and or distance yourself! Even so, you make use of the easy-to-find road signs and agreeable pathways. You can also choose which recommended spots to include. Maps are for sale at the tourist information shop.


Speellandschap De heiberg

Een unieke speel- en horecagelegenheid biedt jou en al jouw vriendjes uitdagend veel speelplezier.


Gasterij 't Dorpsgenot

Gasterij 't Dorpsgenot shares a building with the IVN and VVV at Visitor Center Toterfout.


More Cycling

Speellandschap De heiberg Heerseweg 49, 5504 KP Veldhoven

VVV Veldhoven

Meiveld 2, 5501 KA Veldhoven T. (040) 253 29 01 info@vvv-veldhoven.nl